Vouni Panayia Winery – illustrated label

Vouni Panayia Winery experiments with the indigenous grape varieties of Cyprus. Five (5) different varieties were assigned to five (5) different Cypriot artists. This is my illustration for the rare variety called Morokanella. A pleasure to illustrate the label for one of the series Microvinifications IV of the winery.

“Goddesses and grapevines – both feminine words in Ancient Greek – have had a prominent presence in the culture of Cyprus throughout the millennia. Female deities and wine were embraced, adored and worshipped by the island’s peasants and royalty alike. ‘Vasilissa’ wine 2020 represents the humble yet divine naked beauty of Cyprus across the ages”.
~ words by Dr Maria Papapolydorou

Γραφίστρια: Ερμίνα Εμμανουήλ